Our payment is simple



On the checkout progress, you will see bitcoin for instant and proceed with checkout.).A page will show with our bitcoin address and the exact amount you have to send, copy the address to your wallet and send it, once its sent; it will be confirmed within five minutes and your order will be showing under processing. You can rest at this stage, while we validate your address and start delivery. Buy JWH-018 Crystal,once your address has been validated, the status of your order will change from processing to complete then we shall email you with delivery details once your order is shipped.

How to buy bitcoins with Cash Finally, for the more experienced user, cash will always be an available method of purchasing Bitcoins. There are a few peer-to-peer Bitcoin vendors you can use with Localbitcoins.com and Paxfull.com being highly recommended. This sites allows many to purchase or sell their Bitcoins worldwide (think eBay). The platform is fairly simple and straight to the point. This accessible site allows you to narrow down the location you wish to perform your trade. Another exceptional feature is that you can review the rankings and reviews of traders before conducting business. This site allows for a variety of payment methods including:

  • International wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cash
  • Escrow account services
  • Since this site offers so many powerful features and is considered an advanced marketplace, it is for the more experienced Bitcoin purchaser. It does allow you to have your Bitcoins between one and three business days, and also cuts back on fees.


google play gift

We accept google play or iTunes gift cards for now but we shall take more as time goes. Gift card payment is also becoming very common online because it’s one of the easiest ways to purchase pills in the U.S with less stress, all you have to do is to go to any gift card at your location and buy a card for the order amount and submit details to us. Also, ”WE ACCEPT THE MAXIMUM OF $100 PER CARD”, if your order is $255 then you have to buy 3 cards($100,$100 and $55 making the total of $255) to use this option just shop and choose gift card option at the checkout page then you shall get directive on what to do after placing your order.